User Guide

1. Customer account registration

Your Customer account will be registered on Clients Portal automatically. You will be emailed an account activation link to complete the registration.

To access your Customer account, use the email address and password that you provided during account activation.

At any time, you can edit your Customer account details. To do it, select My profile from the drop-down next to your email address in the top right corner of the page.


On this page, you can edit account billing details, change the access details, provide notification settings, etc.


2. Registering an Extension

Your M2E Pro must be associated with a valid Extension Key — a unique identifier of your installation.

Under the Extensions tab, you’ll find an automatically generated Extension Key for your Module installation. Copy the Key and paste it into your M2E Pro. Navigate to System > Configuration > M2E Pro > Billing Info (for Magento v.1.x.) or eBay\Amazon\Walmart > Configuration > Settings > License (for Magento v.2.x.). Press Use Another Key and paste your new Extension Key. Click Confirm to save the changes.


Please note, if you do a new installation of M2E Pro, the Extension Key will be created and associated with your M2E Pro Customer account automatically.

An Extension Key undergoes validation based on Domain name and IP addresses. This is done to prevent inconsistent access to your data. It also protects from the risk of the synchronization being performed from several instances simultaneously.

If you change your Magento location, you will need to obtain a new Extension Key under the Extensions tab, then copy and paste it into your M2E Pro. The old one should be deleted then.


Once M2E Pro detects an IP address that is not associated with your Extension Key, you’ll get a notification with the further instructions in your Customer account and via email.


3. Managing your Subscription

How M2E Pro pricing works

All new M2E Pro customers have a 30-day free trial period. To start your trial:

  • register your Customer account;
  • get an Extension Key;
  • complete the initial set-up of your Module.

Anytime during your trial period, you can create a Subscription.

M2E Pro provides pre-paid Subscription Plans. The pricing is based on sales (including shipment and taxes, but excluding refunds and Amazon FBA orders) from all of the associated Channel Accounts during a billing period. The billing period is set to 30 or 365 calendar days for the Monthly and Annual Plan accordingly.

You can choose a Monthly Subscription if your sales are always in a fixed range. The Annual Plan Allowance will cover the excess monthly sales during the year and relieve you of the additional monthly cost. By paying annually, you’ll get discounted pricing for the Plan of your choice. Read more about Subscription Plans on our website.

Please remember that all pricing and allowance limits are based on a merchant’s base currency.

The payment is taken automatically via the pre-registered payment method once the new billing period starts. You will be emailed an invoice after the payment is collected. You can also download the invoices under the History tab in your Customer account.

Customers whose total 30-day sales across all accounts do not exceed 1,000 (in their local currency) threshold, may subscribe to our free Starter Plan. Please note, if the contracted 1K limit (base currency) is exceeded, the service will be fully billed in accordance with the Small Plan rate.

How to create and manage Subscription

Go to the Subscription tab then click Subscribe. You will be guided through the several steps to confirm your Subscription details:

  • Review your Channel accounts that you want to cover by Subscription. You will be able to manage them anytime under the Accounts tab.
  • Select the currency for your account billing. The Sales Allowance and your Total Sales will be calculated based on the base currency. Choose your base currency carefully, it cannot be changed after the Subscription is activated.
  • Choose between Monthly and Annual billing for your Subscription and opt for the Allowance to cover your sales.
  • Add a preferred payment method for your account billing.
  • Provide email to receive invoices.

Once you complete all the steps, click Cpmplete. The Subscription will be automatically activated after your free trial ends.

You can change your Plan at any time. To do it, click Change Subscription Plan on the Subscription page. Subscription upgrade is applied immediately once the Plan Cost difference is paid. If you request a Plan downgrade, it will be reflected in the next billing period.


Please note that Subscription will be deactivated if the payment system is failed to collect the Service fee. To reactivate the Subscription, make sure a valid Payment Method is set in your Customer account, then click Activate under the Subscription tab. The Service will be automatically activated once the amount due is collected.


If you need to terminate the Subscription, click Cancel Subscription. After you submit the request, our Billing Team will get in touch with you to confirm the details.


4. Tracking your Billing History

You can monitor the Subscription billing under the History tab. Check your Total Sales and calculated costs, download the order reports and invoices for the selected billing period.


5. Settings

Navigate to the Settings tab to update your payment or/and billing details. Also, you can check your Promotion Credits and Account Balance.

If you are using Bank Transfer as a payment method, Balance is your primary payment source. Note that it may take some time to process the transaction and credit the funds to your account Balance.


6. Glossary

  • Channel Account — your seller account identified by eBay User ID / Amazon Merchant ID / Walmart Consumer ID and Marketplace.
  • Billing Period — the reference period for your sales calculation. The billing period is set to 30 or 365 calendar days for the Monthly and Annual Plan accordingly.
  • Total Sales Allowance — the maximum sales amount included in your Subscription Plan.
  • Subscription Plan - the predefined combination of the Billing Period and Total Sales Allowance. Find the details here.
  • Currency — the currency for your account billing. The Sales Allowance and your Total Sales will be calculated based on the base currency. Choose your base currency carefully, it cannot be changed after the Subscription is activated.
  • Payment Method — the way you want to pay for the Service, e.g. debit/credit card, PayPal, Bank Transfer (for Annual Plans only).
  • Plan Cost — the price of your Subscription Plan.